About Us

MadCow Creationz was created from a group of four sets of Mothers and Daughters who love to sew together.  Mothers And Daughters Crafting On Weekends was where the MadCow name came from.  We  sew, we quilt, we laugh, we eat, we have a good time and we are all very creative.   From that group, creativity bloomed and a company was born.   My name is Martha Sheriff.  I have sewn for as long as I can remember, first with those sewing cards. (Anybody remember those?) And I watched my mother sew all my and my sister’s clothes.  She was an amazing seamstress and artist.  I didn’t have a store bought dress until I was 12.  I hated it.  I started making my own clothes in Jr. High.  My mother always thought that anybody could sew if they could read, that is until I started sewing.  She always told me I’d learn more from my mistakes that from my successes.  I always told her that I must be a pretty smart gal then.

When my daughter was in Middle School, I told her I only had two requirements of classes that she had to take, the rest was up to her.  She had to take typing and home ec. (Neither is offered now in many schools.) She took a semester of each but she learned to do both so I was happy with that.  She made a lot of things including her own prom dress and her date’s cumber bun and tie.  It was a beautiful dress and I only had to help with the zipper.  She has become an amazing art quilter and a very successful industrial engineer.  She’s handy to have around when you have a math question!  I love that we have this creativity/sewing connection and enjoy doing this together.

Back in the mid ’70’s I took a free motion embroidery class at my local Bernina dealer.  I had a simple Kenmore machine that did a straight stitch, a zigzag and a blind stitch.  I managed to do some really nice things with that zigzag and a bare needle on that $99 Kenmore.  I did a lot of applique too.  My sister and I started doing appliqued sweatshirts and selling them.  This developed into her purchasing an embroidery machine and a few short months later, a gift shop was born.  Things grew very quickly, my brother-in-law decided we had a good business idea and things went crazy.  We got into digitizing custom designs, screen-printing, and selling designs and supplies to other embroidery companies.  To make a long story short,  in 1997 Bernina of America decided to buy us out with the agreement that we would stick around for five years so that they could use our expertise in the embroidery business.  I got the job of training all the Bernina educators how to do embroidery correctly.  For the next 10 years we grew into one of the largest embroidery companies in the US.  I taught all over the US and on International waters on cruise ships.  I went from machine operator to Director of Software Development working with programmers in Australia on our own embroidery software.  It was amazing and still is.  I still use it to this day even though it is no longer sold.  I left the company in 2008 and decided to go to school to get my degree in website development.  I did that and got an AAS in Technical Communications in 2011.  In 2013 I completed my BS in Organizational Leadership.  Since then I’ve been busy with contract jobs, some free lance graphics work and contract sewing.

In the summer of 2013 I was contracted by Mettler Threads to make 16 backdrop quilts.  On those 16 quilts, I needed to applique letters and ended up being exactly 284 letters and numbers that needed to be cut out and appliqued on the 16 – 2’x6′ backdrop quilts.  I had a friend in our sewing guild who had a Silhouette machine and I have always wanted a cutting machine because I love to do applique.  I asked her if that machine could cut fabric and she said it would but she hadn’t done it yet.  My daughter and I were talking about it one day and I told her I was thinking about buying one and she decided she could use it more than I would after this project.  So she bought it, we both used it and I knew I had to have one of my own.  So that was my next step.  I have fallen in love with the Cameo cutter and all the possibilities that come with it.  As a software tester and a graphic artist, it was easy for me to learn the Studio software that is free to download from the Silhouette America website.

This website is going to feature a lot of things including things for the Silhouette cutting machines, embroidery, sewing, quilting and pattern designing.  Now that you know my background, you can understand why this mode of crafting is in my blood and I can’t imagine my life without it.  I love the world of creativity!  Come join us!


A Creative venture