Mettler Thread Trade Show Booth Backdrops

This was the reason I own a Cameo cutting machine.  I was contracted by Mettler threads to make backdrops for their tradeshow booth.  This picture shows only 4 of the 16  2’x6′ quilts I made to put on grid wall to show the new colors of the new cones.  When we designed the quilts using appliqued lettering, my thoughts immediately went to the Cameo because I had no desire to manually cut out 284 letters and numbers out of fabric.  The letters were put into the Studio software and cut with the Cameo.  I have to admit  the first cut I made was less than successful.  As a matter of fact, I cut all the way through the mat.  How does that happen?  Sometimes you can’t cut a piece of paper and it cuts all the way through the mat???  I decided to fix it using clear contact paper on the bottom of the mat.  It worked beautifully and my daughter is still using the mat.  So it wasn’t an epic fail.  However, I did kind of wad up my fabric the first time.  We did some testing and came up with spray starch and and Wonder Under made the best cut.  One of the great things about the Cameo in my books was the fact that I could put the files on an SD card and it would cut without the computer being hooked to it.  This seems to be an underused feature.  It was great for what my daughter and I were doing because I would design the file I needed cut, hand her the card, she’d put it in the machine and cut the fabric as I was designing the next file.  We were cutting machines ourselves!  We were doing this at our favorite retreat house in Gainesville, Texas so when she went home to Dallas and I came home to Oklahoma, if I needed more fabric cut, I would mail her the fabric and we had a shared folder on my Dropbox. (Dropbox will be a subject of a future blog!)  She would simply download the file, cut what I needed and mail it back to me.  I knew I would have to have my own so I watched for the best deal and I got a pretty good one. So now I have my own.

Having a background in testing software, I have a tendency to push a software to it’s limit to find out what it’s capabilities are.  I don’t hesitate to try new things and see how they work.  So I may do things a little differently than others do.  I may be wrong, I may be better and easier.  I have no idea, but I will find the easiest way of accomplishing a task.  I’ll click on commands if I can click on them.  I’m not afraid to make it crash.  So that’s going to be one of the many subjects that may come up here.  I already have videos on YouTube under my name so if you are not a member of our Silhouette for Fabric Lovers group on Facebook, you can check out the videos on YouTube.  Most of what I will be doing will be about fabric, but that doesn’t mean that the things you’ll learn will not apply to other mediums.  Don’t be afraid to try the methods and techniques.  And don’t be afraid to get that Cameo out of the box!  It’s not doing anybody any good sitting in that box.  Get it out and use it.

–Happy Cutting and have a great day!

Martha Sheriff

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